My Thoughts On New NX Rumors

Earlier today Eurogamer published an article regarding the Nintendo’s next hardware platform, Codename NX. The article states that NX is a handheld system which can be hooked up to your TV, a rumor which has been floating around the Internet for quite some time.

Concept art of Nintendo NX

The system is said to use cartridges as its physical media and won’t be as powerful as the PS4, contrary to what previous rumors suggested. Instead the system is rumored to be using the mobile Tegra processor.

Okay so that is essentially the rumor and I must say that I have mixed feelings. I really like the idea of playing console quality games on the go so the portable aspect is a positive in my opinion. I mean how cool would it be to play Breath of the Wild while on the bus or waiting for a class to start? The NX being a portable system also indicates that Nintendo is now focusing on their strengths. No Nintendo handheld has ever sold below 50 million units, why? Because Nintendo knows what games the portable market demands. Games like Pokemon have sold over 200 million units and the recent Pokemon go has been downloaded over 75 million times.

The reason I think this rumor is true is because recently someone form Ubisoft (I believe it was the CEO) said that they had seen NX and that it would pull casual gamers back into the fold. The Nintendo DS and Wii introduced millions of casual players to the world of gaming and many of them have actually become pretty hardcore. In fact millions of people who owned the Wii actually purchased a PS4 and its more than likely that quite a significant number of them hadn’t touched video games before the Wii and even DS.

However, what may be the NX’s greatest strength may also be its greatest weakness. Its is quite clear you can’t have the power of a PS4 in a device that fits in your pocket…I mean unless you want a fire in your pocket. This is where the potential problem lies. Developers are gearing up for the release of Xbox Scorpio and PS4 NEO, upgrades they’ve stated they called for. Now the Scorpio alone blows both the Xbox One and PS4 out of the water and according to Emily Rogers the NX is closer to the Xbox One in terms of power…so yup that is a problem. Will developers really want to make say a graphically dumbed down version of a game for NX and a pretty version of that same game for the Scorpio which will cost a lot and hog a lot of man power? Yes they will, but NX is going to have to sell like hot cakes and have gamers who do not only buy Nintendo games.

All in all I’m excited for NX and will be making my purchase very soon after launch assuming there are no shortages. These rumors seem to indicate that Nintendo is making willing to make a comeback after receiving a sound kicking from both Microsoft and Sony.


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  1. nlpaulblog says:

    All of these NX rumors definitely have simultaneously excited and worried me. On one hand, it would be incredible to have a device on par with the XB1 that that I can take anywhere with me. On the other hand, it sounds too good to be true and I know they’re going to sacrifice some component that might scare away 3rd party developers. Ahhh, September needs to get here asap so I can just see it 😛

    Loved your thoughts on this! 😀

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    1. gamer2006 says:

      Thanks for reading! I also am concerned about how 3rd parties will treat the system if the rumors are true.

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      1. nlpaulblog says:

        Nintendo fans are no strangers to the cold shoulder by 3rd party companies, but it would be great if for once we had more options available to us. I know earlier rumors suggested that the NX was very easy to code for and could port over titles from the PS4 and XB1 easily. Hopefully that rumor is true. :<

        By the way, do you blog with any other sites or platforms at the moment? I work over at Now Loading ( and this is the sort of content that our community would love to read. If you were keen on the idea of expanding your audience and sharing your posts on our site, I’d be more than happy to help you get started. My e-mail is 😀


  2. Mr. Panda says:

    Great article! I’m still on the fence on rumors as I am with pretty much any NX rumor, but I feel positive about its prospects.

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    1. gamer2006 says:

      Thanks for reading 😀

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  3. Tatakai says:

    By what I’ve heard, it does seem very interesting, though I’m not a huge Nintendo gamer myself. I’ll definitely have to check it out when it comes out.

    Also, Nice post. I love the style and it just grabbed me from the start. Make more posts like this and you’ll be great. I think you have a new reader. (:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gamer2006 says:

      Thank you so much for reading and for the feedback 😀


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