Leaked Pokemon Sun & Moon Starters Confirmed?

A few images showing the supposed final evolutions of the starter Pokemon in Sun and Moon have been circulating for some time now. However, the trailer from yesterday seems to have confirmed the leaked images.


Okay so those are the leaked concept images. Now yesterday a few new characters were announced known as Trial Captains. One of these captains is Mallow. In the leaked image of the final evolution of the fire starter Pokemon, a female NPC can be seen cooking on its stomach. Now take a look at this:

Coxr3Y9W8AADLzU (2)

The female NPC seen in the concept art looks awfully like Mallow does she not? To further back up this information, here is the description given on the official website:

“Captain Mallow is an expert with Grass-type Pokémon. She loves cooking, but it seems that sometimes her taste is a bit particular…”

There you have it. The female NPC looks just like Mallow and can be seen cooking, which we now know is something Mallow loves to do.



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  1. Nice catch! I’m kinda hoping the starters have multiple forms like Vulpix and Exeggutor. I love Litten, but I hate his final evolution! haha.

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