My Thoughts On Pokemon Go & Niantic Rant

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go then you’re most certainly living under a rock. Pokemon Go is a mobile AR game that utilizes location based technology. It uses the your location to spawn Pokemon and you go out and hunt them. I’ve played the game for 10 minutes and haven’t touched it since. Heres why:

Now I’ve got nothing against the game, in fact I think it s a pretty cool concept that makes people go outside and actually encourages people to socialize with each other in real life, the first for a video game as they are normally known to encourage mass shootings. However, Pokemon Go in its current state is a shallow experience and just a novelty. Now I get that some things had to be dumbed down to suit casual gamers as the Pokemon games have a pretty deep mechanics. But I really don’t like that all I have to do to battle is just tap the screen…surely simple moves could’ve been implemented?

But I can forgive this minor thing as Niantic Labs have confirmed that trading and battling others will soon be incorporated into the game. The only problem I have with this game is the company behind it. They have not handled this game properly and it is a shame. Servers are normally down, glitches here and there and patches that create glitches are just some of the issues that Niantic are to blame for.

pokemon go down
Fix your bloody servers!

They did not put proper structures in place with regards to servers and in my opinion not enough game testing. I may have been able to forgive their sins had they been in constant communication with their users. Can anyone point me to the official Pokemon Go forums where I can query information about the game? Nope, you can’t. Niantic have pretty much left the Pokemon Go community in the dark and the only time they talk is when there latest update screws up the game or when they want to tell players that they can’t use helpful sites like Pokevision.


(How is this cheating? Do the Pokemon spawn in front of me? Don’t I still have to go out and look for them?)

If using a website to see where Pokemon are located, which people had to do due to an error in the game showing the wrong distance of some Pokemon, considered cheating then I really don’t know what isn’t cheating. I use sites like Serebii all the time to find the location of Pokemon in the main series entries all the time, is that cheating?

Frankly if Niantic doesn’t shape up and fly right then I’m sorry to say that Pokemon Go will die a slow painful death. Anyway this ends my messy rant on Niantic and thoughts on Pokemon Go. Sorry about the mess but I’m currently awaiting some important exam results and I’m a bit nervous so my thoughts are a bit scattered. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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  1. I agree that the gameplay is extremely simplistic but I think it probably had something to do with their allotment of resources. It’s clear that much of their effort went into the geo-location elements and gameplay got put on the back burner. Some use of the traditional turn-based mechanics would’ve been nice, that’s for sure. There are many limitations to development on mobile however… Ensuring the application runs at the very least on a wide variety of devices is no small task after all.

    I won’t likely ever touch the game personally. Not out of principle, lack of interest, or anything like that but that the app will likely never make it to Windows phones and I’m one of those weird people with a Microsoft 950 XL for a phone.

    I’ll say one last thing on Pokemon GO… I don’t think think that it will go away any time soon. I think it is a bubble that will pop soon though. Eventually players are going to hit a wall and get tired of the mindless grind. The novelty of finding Pokemon in real life will fade and Niantic will likely even find itself in legal trouble if they don’t start cooperating with government agencies in their pursuit of deterring criminal activity too.

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    1. gamer2006 says:

      Ah yes I forgot they don’t support Windows and Intel processors. Yeah I see your point that it is a bubble.

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